Swimming by the Alanya Waterfall–a lifetime experience

Alanya Waterfall is hidden in magic, refreshing nature, about 40 km far from Alanya. It offers a cooling arm, and a quiet, relaxing place to enjoy the enchanting nature and to breathe the fresh mountain air. An hour-long ride from Alanya, along the coast and banana plantations, into the Taurus Mountains will take your breath away.

Visiting the Sapadere Village

The first stop you need to take is visiting the Sapadere Village. This small and charming place offers a beautiful mosque, and a peep to traditional Turkish life, including cottage and silk production from beginning to end. The unique chance to inspect silkworm cocoons is waiting for you. Thanks to listing Sapadere into the main Turkish attraction list and Rural Tourism Project, Sapadere Village has been renewed and restored. Local restaurant, souvenirs shop and toilets are not missing there now.

Sapadere Canyon

About 3km away from the Village, Sapadere Canyon is situated. Until the opening to the public in 2008, only locals knew this beautiful area. That is why the nature in Sapadere is this raw. And we hope it stays that way as long as possible. After visiting the village, the major attraction from this trip is waiting for you.

Walking on a wood bridge along the almost 800 meters long canyon is one of those moments you will never forget. This beautiful scenery full of various flora and fauna, and lots of small waterfalls covering the canyon will make you smile and forget all of your problems.

Finally–Alanya Waterfall

The famous Alanya Waterfall, also called the Flying Waterfall, is at the end of the path. This breathtaking natural wonder is a reason people from far away travel to see it and take a photo with this magnificent waterfall in the background.

Sapadere Canyon is a place full of natural pools with icy cold water you may appreciate in the summer city heat. Dip your toe or jump into the amazingly clear water under the waterfall – if you are brave enough! The water temperature usually stays under 10 Celsius and will recharge your batteries immediately!

Sapadere Cave

After bathing in the canyon you will probably crave some food. You can find cute camping spaces for your own snacks and restaurant with local food and super-friendly stuff around the area.

After lunch, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Sapadere Cave, also known as The Cave of the Dwarfs. This dark, cold cave full of stalactites and stalagmites is loved by all generations. You might see some bats there also!

By bus or Safari Jeeps

It is up to you whether you choose comfort and relaxation an air-conditioned bus can offer or an adventurous ride by Safari Jeeps for those who love adrenalin experiences. If you are not afraid of going on your own, parking spaces are at the canyon entrance.

What to bring and expect

It doesn’t matter if you choose to go by bus, Safari Jeeps or by car. Some things are recommended for all options to make your trip as well as possible.

If you are looking for an escape from the summer heat, this may be your first choice. Untouched landscape in the mountains, cold breeze air, icy water, friendly local people and so much more… Sapadere region is waiting for you!