Redmine plugins – check out some of the tools that could enhance your Redmine experience

Redmine plugins

One of the best things about this project management software is the huge number of Redmine plugins that tweak, enhance and upgrade its basic functions. If you've been using Redmine for some time, we're willing to bet that you've made good use of at least some of the hundreds of plugins currently out there. Let us introduce some of the popular and useful plugins in this article.

Passwords – Redmine plugin for maximum security

Data theft is a serious problem. Sensitive information getting into the wrong hands might as well spell the end of your project – as well as loss of money and a host of other problems on top . The Redmine Passwords plugin lets you manage all passwords related to your project and preventing them from being accessed by a third party or an authorized user. It utilizes an (AES 256 CBC) encryption algorithm with a long and proven safety record.

RedmineUP Agile for the fans of this method

If you're into the agile philosophy and project management approach ( more about it here ), then you might consider giving this particular plugin a try. Fully customizable according to the particular project or people's needs, this plugin is an Open Source software that is very simple to use. You can look forward to Agile charts, Sprint planner and much more. Plus, the Light version of this plugin is completely free!

Redmine DMSF plugin for better document management

This plugin replaces the standard Redmine Documents module and comes up with a host of features that rightly make it popular. It allows for example for:

An more. Certainly give this one a try!

Redmine Mega calendar – schedule your events more efficiently

Another one on our list is the Redmine Mega calendar plugin. With it, you can easily create, edit or scratch holidays globally or individually. You can distinguish between users with colours to have a better overview. Good thing about this plugin is that you can export its to other calendar programs like Thunderbird or Outlook.

Redmine Checklist lets you track your tasks with ease

With this one, you can create, delete or mark as finished your checklist items. It is a simple, but extremely handy plugin that will make your work a little easier. There's no need to create several subtasks when needed – a simple checklist can suffice. Works in 14 different languages and is free as well!

Redmine Hide Sidebar – a small step can go a long way

Yes, even such a simple thing as hiding a sidebar in a Redmine interface can make a difference and make it significantly easier to orient yourselves in. Don't underestimate this feature – de-cluttering the interface can enable you to focus your attention better!

Redmine People – personalize your Redmine

Another useful plugin that is free of charge – with it, you can upload your photo and add personal data to your user profile so that the whole thing won't feel so impersonal. Besides, it can help with organizing and grouping people into teams and departments, assign permissions, give notifications, add holidays and days off and more.

Which Redmine plugins do you use or prefer? Please let us know in the comments – we're eager to hear it!