Original Gift Ideas for Your Beloved

Women all over the world like it when their men demonstrate their affection by giving romantic gifts. Any lady will be glad to get her favorite chocolate candies and flowers. Getting such gifts she will definitely smile sincerely. But what gifts do women consider more romantic than candies and flowers? Find out what romantic men with a creative mind give women they love. Some of the gift ideas are very inspiring.

A Star Map with the Custom Design

Every year, my boyfriend and I celebrate the day we met. This year he has given me a very special present. It is a customized star map looking at which I can see how stars were located the day we met five years ago. My heart melts when I look at this romantic gift. It means much to me that my dear person has chosen the design of the map by himself. He used the QR code to add a link to our special song.

A Birthday Dinner

Last year my husband couldn’t come back home and celebrate my birthday together because of his business trip. But he did his best to show his care by sending me a package with the  romantic dinner ingredients. It wasn’t just a ready-made dinner. There are step-by-step instructions on how to cook the dish. Such an original gift has raised my spirits. I was cooking and thinking of my beloved.

Fantasy Books

My boyfriend loves the fantasy genre as much as me. Last year I had my birthday party and he presented me with ten new books. We spent many great evenings together reading books and eating tasty cakes. I think the best gift is something memorable.

A Bag of Croissants

I love chocolate croissants much. My boyfriend has come to me in the morning unexpectedly and gave me a bag full of croissants and a cup of fresh coffee. I liked the way he surprised me. First, he called me and said: “Hey, look at the window!” I have just woken up. I saw him standing outside with a bag of croissants and a cup of coffee.

Balloons with Love Quotes

My husband is very romantic. He never gives me banal gifts. He is especially creative on St. Valentine’s Day. Last year he came back home with 10 or even more balloons in the form of hearts. On each balloon, there was a meaningful phrase about love. They weren’t sayings from some book with quotes. All of the sayings were about us and were very special. I loved the custom design of balloons much. Later we went outside and enjoyed a romantic dinner with a glass of wine.

If you want to make your beloved happy, just let your mind flow. Many great gift ideas can be customized and remind you of your special dates.