How to Recode the Lock on the Front Door?

Perhaps, every person had situations in his life when he or she lost the keys to the lock. And here he/she had a lot of problems. You need to buy a new lock, remove the old one, and install the new one. All this involves a waste of money and time. And there are also cases when it is not possible to precisely select the locking device according to the type and dimensions of the old lock. Then, it will be necessary to prepare a place for a new lock, and this leads to certain difficulties. But you can solve all the problems if you recode the lock on the front door with the help of professional Stirling locksmith service. You can do this yourself but for each type of lock, there are its own recoding features.

Cylinder Door Locks and Their Features


So, what should be done to implement the conversion of the cylinder type lock? This version of the locking device is in greatest demand. It is actively used when installed on doors in an apartment and a private house. To complete the task, you need to buy a transcoding set.

The recoding process can be performed independently, adhering to the following plan:

·       Using the mounting key, unlock the door.

·       Make sure that the crossbars are inside.

·       Install a transcoding sample instead.

·       Turn it in the locking device until it stops.

·       In this case, the crossbars should be extended to the maximum.

·       Now, you need to return the mechanism to its previous position.

·       To do this, rotate the element back to the stop and remove it from the well.

·       Install a new key, check the operation of the mechanism. If no violations were noticed, then the conversion process is over.

Code Entrance Locks


Coded locking devices are often installed on metal doors. The process of transcoding them is not difficult. Everything happens by analogy with standard mechanisms, but you only have to stock up on time. The procedure of reprogramming is as follows:

·       It is necessary to unlock the door and remove the rear panel from the lock. Thus, it is possible to access the coding plates.

·       To continue work with code locks, it is worth unscrewing the fixing bolts. A feature of such devices is that a combination of elements is used to lock the door structure. All of them are hidden under the buttons with numbers. They have the appearance of plates with small sections, on the one hand.

·       To unlock the door, you must press the code buttons, as a result of which they will unlock the system. This is due to the fact that the slices of the plate “look” at the design of the lock. Those plates that do not participate in the combination are cut out.

·       To change the combinations of numbers, it is worth returning to the reverse position the plates equipped with recesses. Define a pair of new code buttons.

·       Insert the plates under them, while they should be facing inwards with the cuts. Bolt the back plate and carry out the new combination.


If you don’t achieve the necessary result, don’t hesitate to contact professional service.