Fullerene C60: What It Has to Do with Shungite Stone and Is It Worth the Hype?

Have you ever heard of Fullerene C60 in association with shungite? What is their connection and what is so special about this mineraloid? Let's inspect!

Fullerene C60 and Shungite: What Is the Deal?

Shungite is a two billion year-old stone composed of nearly 99% carbon. We could find mainly it in the region Shung in Karelia, Russia, where it is nowadays still mined only by hand (not industrially) under hard conditions.

It is unique for its exceptional composition as it is made up of almost all the minerals on the periodic table and yes, fullerene C60 , which is really rare to be found in nature. Because we believe the fullerene content it, the stone has potential pro-health benefits , but it also raises many questions and theories regarding its mysterious, possibly spacious, origin!

Health Benefits

We have confirmed that fullerene C60 has anti-inflammatory effects; it is the most powerful known antioxidant and universal sorbent. Shungite is hoped to have the same beneficial properties that could be used for improving our health and as a medical treatment.

To be clear, theory has to be separated from practice. We are still missing more solid clinical evidence and scientific research in the matter of positive effects of fullerenes / shungite on human health.

How to Use Shungite Stone

As natural small crystals, shaped pyramids or even beads and pendants we can use it for various purposes. Here are the most popular!

Trust but Verify?

As mentioned, there is still a lack of research on shungite stone in pro-health properties. In case you are curious, there is no harm in trying, they are also quite affordable though. No matter if you trust in its abilities or not, the fact is that it is an extraordinary mineral still shrouded in mystery!

Do you believe in its benefits? Can you imagine their impact on medicine once fully proved?